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Great Places to Move: Reno Named Best Startup City

Reno has recently been named one of the best startup cities in America due to growing businesses in Startup Row. The city of Reno caters to business owners, movers, shakers and innovators. If you are any of these things, it may be time to move the Reno/Sparks area.


Reno Real Estate Market Trends

The RGJ recently wrote about the latest Reno real estate trends. The biggest trend to note? New homes are back and their value is only increasing. Read the full article

7 trends to know about the Reno real estate market | original article

Questions to Ask a Potential Real Estate Agent


Buying a home is one of the biggest finanicial trancsaction you'll ever make. Before you make the big decision uyou will first want to decide on a real estae agent to help you through the process. Below are five wiestions to ask to find out if a real estate agent is the right fit.


Now is a great time to buy your new home!

Nevada home prices continue to slowly climb making now the perfect time to purchase the home you've always wanted. La Tierra at Miramonte invites you to go see their new homes Reno/Sparks while prices are still very affordable there are still homes available.


Community Events Make La Tierra A Great Place to Live!

Homeowners want to know that their neighborhood lends to community and interaction among the neighbors.  In new communities this is easier to accomplish than in existing communities, because all the residents are coming from different places and are more open to making new friends among their neighbors.


Make Big Moves This New Year!

Make moving into a brand new home your New Year’s resolution. The Reno/Sparks area is the perfect place to move this year. Come check out the Reno new homes of La Tierra at Miramonte.

Considering Relocating to Reno or Sparks?

The Reno region is one of the most popular relocation destinations in Nevada, especially in the Sparks area, where home prices are still low and home builders make sure that there is plenty of room to move around on the homesites.

Energy Efficient Homes in Sparks

A great benefit of purchasing a new Sparks home at  La Tierra is that you will be living in a far more energy efficient home. This is a monthly cost savings to the new home buyer and a benefit to our environment.

Considering your home's energy efficiency when purchasing a new home can help you save energy and money in the long run.

Move Before Winter!

Now, before winter really sets in, is a great time to find a new home in Nevada. It is the perfect weather to move in and, even more importantly, La Tierra is the perfect home to move in.

First-time Buyers Expected to Larger Part of the Housing Market

First-time buyers are expected to become a larger part of the housing market over the next several years.

Even with mortgage-qualification issues and student loan debt, a significant increase in new households in the years ahead is a sure thing.